In ancient Norse mythology, Valhalla was the stately hall of Odin, king of the gods. Here those Viking warriors whose feats in battle were greatest were invited to live forever, fighting with the gods by day and feasting by night.

In our version of Valhalla we want to invite great entrepreneurs to work with Valhalla to build new, better and enduring companies. We want to bring together the best.

Valhalla Partners brings extensive experience, resources and insights to bear in helping entrepreneurs in their quest to build world-class companies. We aid and accelerate companies at critical stages in their pursuit of success regardless of their size or maturity -- even if conventional wisdom is against them.

Bringing the right people together

Valhalla Partners was formed in early 2002 to bring together some of the most respected and successful venture investors in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Our team has invested in or served as senior executives in over 100 companies during the last twenty years. To date, 43 of these have already experienced successful initial public offerings or successful mergers.

Changes in our industry

Our team has had significant success as venture investors, but we have also witnessed a dramatic change in the venture industry. Prolific fund-raising has increased the capital under management in our industry from $3 billion only twenty years ago to $240 billion today - an eighty-fold increase. The number of venture professionals (not the number of experienced partners), over that same twenty-year period, increased only nine-fold. We believe that this disparity has created a fundamental imbalance between the capital entrusted to the venture industry and the industry's ability to manage it effectively.

Balancing capital and time

At Valhalla we are committed to maintaining the proper balance between the capital we manage on behalf of our investors and the time we have to work with entrepreneurs. We believe that a good venture investor must add value he or she cannot simply "pick stocks."

In short, our goal in creating Valhalla Partners was to establish a better platform from which to improve our craft and help build great companies.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every entrepreneur and opportunity is unique, but we also believe that the core principles required to turn a great idea into a successful business remain consistent.

All entrepreneurial companies must build at least five critical processes in order to succeed:
  • Team Building
  • Product Development
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Deployment
  • Finance and Administration
To be managed properly, these processes require significant time and attention. As a result, we have designed our firm to maximize the time we can spend working with entrepreneurs to add value to their companies. It is what we enjoy doing and it is what we do well.

Valhalla Partners brings integrity, passion and commitment to every aspect of its business.

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