Getting started

As former entrepreneurs and operating executives, we are respectful of your time and are committed to providing continuous feedback throughout the review process.
  1. We typically start by reviewing the business plan, which leads to an initial determination of interest and fit.
  2. Next, we meet the management team.
  3. If all goes well, we work with the management team to identify the appropriate next steps and outline the due diligence process.
Due Diligence

The due diligence process will include significant collaboration between the Valhalla team and the prospective portfolio company. This collaboration will include a thorough review and joint reworking of the business plan with the goal of maximizing the company's long-term prospects for success.

Common steps in the due diligence process include:
  • Calling references (both from lists provided and our network)
  • Conducting significant industry and competitive research
  • Thoroughly reviewing all:
    • Organizational documents
    • Capitalization tables
    • Stock option plans
    • Financial statements
    • Financial projections
    • Marketing materials
    • Contracts
    • Sales pipelines
    • Intellectual property
    • Technical documentation