Making the right choice

When selecting a venture capital partner, you should look for:

Relevant Operating Experience

Management and operations experience is essential to providing guidance to entrepreneurs, from tactical advice to setting long-term strategic goals.

What our team offers:

Over 60 years of experience as executives managing successful technology companies.

Industry Knowledge

Market dynamics and technological challenges are often industry specific. Understanding these issues is critical to the success of a young company.

What our team offers:

Significant operating and investment experience in each of our target industries.

What our team offers:

We have been leaders in the local technology and venture capital communities for the past twenty years. In addition, our proximity to our portfolio companies facilitates communication and involvement.


As a company grows, it needs to develop important relationships with customers, strategic partners, investors, and service providers.

What our team offers:

A strong list of contacts with important technology companies, global business leaders, prominent venture capital firms and thought-leaders nationwide. These relationships help provide the foundation for customer relationships, strategic alliances, partnership opportunities, and idea sharing.


Companies are often evaluated by the partners and investors that they attract.

What our team offers:

The track records and reputations of our investment professionals lend immediate credibility to our portfolio companies.

Ability to Commit Significant Time

Adding-value and helping to build great companies takes time.

What our team offers:

We have designed our firm from the ground-up to maximize the amount of time our investment professionals can dedicate to working with entrepreneurs. In addition, our increased ratio of "partner capacity to capital" and our deliberate pace of investment ensure we can spend more time with each portfolio company than the majority of our peers.

Willingness to Be Held Accountable

As former entrepreneurs and operating executives, we know that entrepreneurs want prospective advice, guidance, and real help.

What our team offers:

We are committed to providing forward-looking guidance and advice, and to taking on real responsibilities and delivering on our promises to our portfolio companies.

Personality Fit

Entrepreneurs should do all that they can to ensure that their venture capital partners will fit the needs and personality of their organization. When selecting a firm, remember that you are embarking on a relationship that will last many years, and that the decision can play a pivotal role in determining the success of your company.

What our team offers:

We invite every entrepreneur to really get to know us prior to working with us. And we encourage all entrepreneurs to check our references. Our best references are always the entrepreneurs we have worked with in the past.