Michael O'Neil, CEO

"Working with Valhalla has been terrific, as their collective experience, knowledge and energy have had immediate and meaningful impact on our business."

Alan Grant, CEO
Exchange Solutions

"The strategic and operational perspective Hooks Johnston gained from his own company-building experience makes him a very valuable board member. He understands how to contribute to the successful scaling of a high growth company by working collaboratively with a portfolio company management team."

Michael Dering, CEO

"The addition of Valhalla as an investor in ServiceBench has added the important ingredient of professionals who have true field experience in growing successful companies. Our ability to leverage this experience is and will continue to be invaluable."

Sean McDermott, CEO

"Valhalla has been instrumental in the success of RealOps, both in their financial support and operational advice. Valhalla partners bring a wealth of experience in helping companies grow and assist executives in meeting the challenges of building companies in competitive markets."

Mike Worhach, CEO

"We could not have asked for a better partner than Valhalla Partners. The entire Valhalla team has been instrumental in helping to shape our vision and make introductions to complimentary technology and business partners, accelerating our company's growth. Their considerable insights across all areas of the business have been invaluable."

Duke Chung, CEO

"Valhalla has helped us think through strategic issues, offered valuable operational guidance and has been willing to roll up their sleeves to work with us. Few firms have Valhalla's expertise, network and long-term outlook to help a software start-up become a successful global business."

Bill Chambers, CEO
LeftHand Networks

"We selected Valhalla for the experience they bring to the table in helping to building great companies. Gene Riechers, Charles Curran and the rest of the Valhalla team are passionate, seasoned professionals that know our industry, and what it takes to win!"

Rob McGovern, Founder

"In creating Valhalla Partners, Art Marks, Gene Riechers, and Hooks Johnston have brought together an extraordinary collection of venture capital talent under one roof. Every member of their team is known and respected for providing the highest quality advice and support."

Joe Liemandt, CEO
Trilogy Development Group

"Art Marks personifies value-add. He has the knowledge, contacts, experience, and cache to create significant shareholder value."

Phillip Merrick, CEO

"Gene Riechers has played an instrumental role in building our company. He led our first institutional round of financing and has helped with everything from product positioning to recruiting the management team."

Wayne Jackson, CEO
Riverbed Technologies

"Hooks Johnston, with his extensive business experience, has been invaluable to Riverbed and was responsible for much of our success."

Joseph Alsop, CEO
Progress Software

"Art Marks has contributed to our company for over ten years as an investor, board member, and friend. While he has a deep understanding of the financial side of the business, what sets him apart from other venture investors is his understanding of business operations, built over years of operational experience at leading firms. These strengths are powerful assets for any entrepreneur looking to turn exciting technology and product concepts into a successful business."